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10 Good Reasons to Choose Dial a Stamp for All Your Business Stamps

Every company needs at least one good quality business stamp to use in the office. Business stamps are very handy to have with you at all times and can be used for a huge variety of purposes such as branding, contact detail sharing, document certification and much more. You will be amazed at the functionality a good quality stamp can provide within your business.

If you want a good quality stamp then the best thing you can do for your company is to order from a leading source like Dial A Stamp; Australia’s most experienced rubber stamp company and your go-to for custom made stamp manufacturing and supplied. When you order from us you will enjoy lots of leading benefits such as the following.

1. Buy Your Stamp with Ease

Ordering your custom stamp is very easy. Simply click the right stamp you need from our product list, add your customisation requirements and order directly from our website. We have an online form that can be filled out with all of your details and stamping requirements so you can get your purchase completed within a few short minutes.

2. Get Custom Stamps Exactly the Way You Need It

We use laser printers to create our rubber stamps. This means that there is virtually no design we cannot apply to these stamps. Our laser printers are fully capable of creating finely detailed images so you can get your business logo included in stamp form no matter how comprehensive it may be. You can also add any type of information to your stamps that you may need.

3. Choose Your Font

Are you picky about your stamp font? You can supply us with the font type and we will do our best to get your business stamps printed in that exact font style.

4. Get Your Stamp Dispatched Within 24 Hours

Our business is remarkably quick. When you order online your stamp will be processed, manufactured and dispatched to your location in Australia within 24 hours.

5. Order from Anywhere In Australia

At Dial A Stamp, we can get your newly made rubber stamps made and delivered anywhere in Australia. Our service is perfect whether you live in a big city or in a small town.

6. A Variety of Stamp Types and Sizes to Choose From

We specialise in stamps and only stamps but we still offer a huge variety of stamp sizes and types to choose from. You can order self-inking stamps, traditional rubber stamps, date stamps, and pre-inked stamps in a variety of sizes.

7. Order As Many Stamps As You Need

You can buy as many stamps as you need for your company. Dial a Stamp is here for you whether you are looking for a simple single date stamp or need a whole bunch of different stamp types for your company.

8. Friendly Customer Service

When you use our services you will enjoy great customer care at all times and all of our staff members are passionate about our company which means that they will treat you friendly at all times.

9. Our Stamps Are the Best Quality

All of our stamps are made of the finest quality products and are filled with high-quality inks. When you order from us you will get a good quality stamp that is built to last and that can stand a lot of handling.

10. Highly Durable Stamps

With our stamps, it isn’t just the stamp encasing that last. The rubber stamp pad also lasts a very long time because we use such quality products for stamp manufacturing. You will be able to use your stamp for many years to come.

Don’t waste any money on ineffective and low-quality stamping products. Buy your business stamps from Dial A Stamp so you can get a beautiful stamp that will last for a very long time.