Replacement Self-Inking Pads

COLOP R50 $9.15 50mm x 50mm Customize
COLOP R45 $9.15 45mm x 45mm Customize
COLOP S260 $7.25 41mm x 24mm Customize
COLOP P54 $9.15 50mm x 40mm Customize
COLOP P53 $7.25 45mm x 30mm Customize
COLOP Q43 $9.15 43mm x 43mm Customize
COLOP P60 $9.15 75mm x 38mm Customize
COLOP P35 $7.25 50mm x 30mm Customize
COLOP P50 $9.15 70mm x 30mm Customize
COLOP P45 $9.15 82mm x 25mm Customize
COLOP P25 $7.25 75mm x 15mm Customize
COLOP P55 $9.15 60mm x 40mm Customize
COLOP P15 $6.00 69mm x 10mm Customize
COLOP P40 $7.25 59mm x 23mm Customize
COLOP P30 $6.00 47mm x 18mm Customize
COLOP P20 $6.00 38mm x 14mm Customize
COLOP P10 $6.00 27mm x 10mm Customize
TRODAT 4750/4846 $9.25 41mm x 24mm Customize
TRODAT 4726 $9.15 75mm x 38mm Customize
TRODAT 4729 $7.25 50mm x 30mm Customize
TRODAT 4727 $9.15 60mm x 40mm Customize
TRODAT 4750 $7.25 41mm x 24mm Customize
TRODAT R50 $9.15 40mm x 40mm Customize
TRODATR40 $9.15 30mm x 30mm Customize
TRODAT R30 $9.15 30mm x 30mm Customize
TRODAT 4941 $7.25 41mm x 24mm Customize
TRODAT 4931 $7.25$9.15 70mm x 30mm Customize
TRODAT 4924 $9.15 42mm x 42mm Customize
TRODAT 4923 $7.25 32mm x 32mm Customize
TRODAT 4922 $6.00 20mm x 20mm Customize
TRODAT 4921 $6.00 12mm x 12mm Customize
TRODAT 4926 $9.15 75mm x 38mm Customize
TRODAT 5212 $20.00 116mm x 70mm Customize
TRODAT 5211 $18.50 85mm x 55mm Customize
TRODAT 4929 $9.15 50mm x 30mm Customize
TRODAT 4928 $9.15 56mm x 33mm Customize
TRODAT 4925 $9.15 82mm x 25mm Customize
TRODAT 4918 $6.00 75mm x 15mm Customize
TRODAT 4927 $9.15 64mm x 40mm Customize
TRODAT 4916 $7.25 70mm x 10mm Customize
TRODAT 4910 $6.00 30mm x 10mm Customize
SHINY E908 $9.15 68mm x 47mm Customize
SHINY R-552 $9.15 52mm x 52mm Customize
SHINY R-542 $9.15 42mm x 42mm Customize
SHINY S-837 $9.15 50mm x 40mm Customize
SHINY S-836 $7.25 43mm x 30mm Customize
SHINY S-826 $7.25 41mm x 28mm Customize
SHINY S-542 $9.15 42mm x 42mm Customize
SHINY S-530 $7.25 32mm x 32mm Customize
SHINY S-830 $9.15 75mm x 38mm Customize
SHINY S-827 $7.25 50mm x 30mm Customize
SHINY S-828 $9.15 56mm x 33mm Customize
SHINY S-846 $8.15 65mm x 27mm Customize
SHINY S-833 $9.15 82mm x 25mm Customize
SHINY S-832 $7.25 75mm x 15mm Customize
SHINY S-829 $9.15 64mm x 40mm Customize
SHINY S-845 $9.15 70mm x 25mm Customize
SHINY S-831 $7.25 70mm x 10mm Customize
SHINY S-844 $7.25 58mm x 22mm Customize
SHINY S-843 $6.00 47mm x 18mm Customize
SHINY S-842 $6.00 38mm x 14mm Customize
SHINY S-841 $6.00 30mm x 10mm Customize

Self Inking Stamp Refill

If you’ve invested in a self inking stamp to see your through the years, we’ve got the perfect selection of self inking stamp refills to keep your supply topped up. Choose the perfect cartridge from our huge range of colours and brands as well as enjoy high pigmented performance with every stamp.

The benefits of self-inking stamps and ink replacements

Self inking stamps became increasingly popular in the later half of the 20th century due to their ease of use and the removal of the need to have numerous cumbersome items of paraphernalia in order to stamp documents. These became a life saver (and timesaver) in busy offices and were a great alternative to pre-inked stamps for situations where time was of the essence. 

Self inking stamps are a great way to save on time as well as space in environments where one fell swoop can make all the difference. 

Get your stamping needs sorted with Dial A Stamp

If your self inking stamps are in need of a replacement, be sure to peruse our selection of refills to find the perfect colour for your unique stamps. Not only are our inks highly pigmented and sourced from the best providers but they’re extremely easy to replace and use as soon as they’re needed. 

For more information on the perfect refill or stamp for your unique needs, get in touch with the team at Dial A Stamp and we’ll help you find the perfect stamping solution.