Stamp Pads

Shiny 4 $45.45 160mm x 115mm Customize
Micro 3 $24.00 150mm x 80mm Customize
Shiny 3 $12.00 100mm x 60mm Customize
Shiny 2 $9.65 80mm x 45mm Customize
Shiny 1 $6.50 65mm x 45mm Customize

Buy stamp ink pads with us at Dial A Stamp

Buy high quality ink stamp pads with Dial A Stamp here online. We’re the Melbourne based manufacturer and supplier of custom rubber stamps with a reputation for longevity. Perfect for use with our rubber stamps, our range of ink pads in Australia come in a variety of sizes and will see you making clean and clear impressions for years to come.

Melbourne based – shipping Australia wide

Quality ink pads are essential when you are looking to get the best out of your rubber stamps. Buy the best red, blue or green ink stamp pad here with us online and get the products that are going to keep your stamps clean and make clear impressions. We also supply inks in bottles of both water-based and quick-drying types to give you everything you need.

Outfit yourself and your business with stamp ink pads and rubber stamps from Dial A Stamp today!


What colours do stamp pads come in?

Our fantastic selection of stamp pads from Australia come in a variety of different colours so you’ll be able to change up the stamps and the colours you use. Whether it’s a stamp that needs to be bold or needs to blend in with the document, we have the right colours for the right purpose. From green ink stamp pads to red ink stamp pads, we have the colours you need to stand out. We also stock the standard navy blue and traditional black stamp ink pads to be used with your traditional rubber press stamps.

What sizes do stamp ink pads come in?

Our stamp ink pads come in all sorts of sizes and are a rectangle shape to ensure that you can safely and cleanly ink up your rubber stamp before you make your impression. Dial A Stamp offers stamp ink pads in the following sizes:

  • 150mm x 80mm 
  • 160mm x 115mm
  • 100mm X 60mm 
  • 80mm X 45mm 
  • 65mm X 45mm

What Australian cities does Dial-a-Stamp ship to?

No matter whether you’re looking for stamp pads in cities like Melbourne and Darwin or remote spots like Alice Springs, we ship nationwide directly to you. Always striving to give the best customer service we can, Dial A Stamp delivers your stamps and red, green, blue or black ink stamp pads directly to your doorstep. Our shipping costs are low and our dispatch is fast – if you get your order in before 1pm we will have it packaged and on it’s way the same day.