Self-Inking Custom Date and Number Stamps

Shiny S826D $59.30 40mm X 23mm Customize
S301 Mini Numberer $35.50 25mm x 6mm Customize
S301 Mini Dater $35.50 25mm x 6mm Customize
Shiny S826D $59.30 41mm x 24mm Customize
Shiny S830D $87.00 75mm x 37mm Customize
S313 $55.00 3mm 13 digits Customize
S409 $32.35 26mm x 4mm 6 digits Customize
Shiny S827D $69.50 50mm x 30mm Customize
Shiny S542D $75.00 42mm x 42mm Customize
Shiny S837D $75.50 50mm x 40mm Customize
Shiny S836D $75.00 43mm x 30mm Customize
Shiny S829D $80.85 60mm x 40mm Customize
Shiny S830D/N $94.50 75mm x 38mm Customize
Colop 60 Double Dater $94.50 75mm x 38mm Customize
Colop 60 Date/Number $94.50 75mm x 38mm Customize
Shiny R 542D $75.00 42mm x 42mm Customize
Shiny R 542D T12 $90.00 42mm x 42mm Customize
Shiny R 542D T24 $90.00 42mm x 42mm Customize
Shiny R552D $85.00 52mm x 52mm Customize
E900/910 $65.00 41mm x 24mm Customize
Trodat 5411D $119.65 85mm x 55mm Customize
Trodat 5412D $176.00 116mm x 70mm Customize

Date and Number Stamps are great for incoming mail or parcels. These Stamps are able to be manufactured with your customised requirements to organise your business. Date and Number Stamps come in all different models we are sure to have one to accommodate your needs.

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We stock self-inking date stamps that are perfect for businesses that need to keep track of exactly what’s going on in their books. Our self-inking models are convenient and easy to use which is great news for customers all across Australia. Shop with confidence and know that we always deliver stand out products that are sure to impress.

Dial A Stamp is proudly family owned and operated which means that we work with real values to provide great customer service. You won’t be disappointed when you choose us for self-inking date stamps that are easy to use and reliable. Speak to us about business stamps, Self Inking Stamps and so much more.

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Dial A Stamp guarantees that your date stamp order will be hassle free. You’ll save money when you shop with us because we manufacture our own products. This means that the best prices are passed on directly to you. Ordering is quick and simple thanks to our online shop and straightforward product form. We dispatch items within 24 hours of receiving your request. Everything that we sell is of an exceptional quality and won’t let you down.

Australian made self-inking stamps

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do when it comes to self-inking date stamps. Our friendly and professional team have many years of industry experience and always deliver amazing products.