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Traditional Wooden Rubber Stamps

*all stamps round stamps are on a square base*

Browse Australia’s largest collection of wooden rubber stamps right here at Dial A Stamp. We offer custom made wooden stamps to suit the unique needs of your business or organisation. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind rubber stamp with wooden handle to mark packaging for your small business or you need a personalised rubber stamp to add a signature for documentation, Dial A Stamp has you covered with the best range of options for custom wooden stamps in Australia.

Get the Wooden Stamps You Need

Our bespoke wooden stamps have mounts that are designed to fit comfortably in your hand and evenly distribute pressure at the base for perfect rubber stamping every time. No matter what you want to use our traditional wooden rubber stamps for, you won’t be disappointed by their comfort and ease of use. 

Providing a tailored way to make your business or organisation stand out, Dial A Stamp offers a range of rectangular and square rubber stamps with wooden mounts. Choose from our extensive list of products and customise your design.

Our custom wooden rubber stamps are available in a range of sizes:

  38mm X 10mm   70mm X 70mm   16mm X 19mm
  80mm X 80mm   76mm X 10mm 100mm X 70mm
120mm X 80mm 100mm X 25mm 180mm X 40mm
  76mm X 32mm 100mm X 100mm 160mm X 115mm
100mm X 30mm 170mm X 60mm   45mm X 45mm
  70mm X 40mm 120mm X 120mm 150mm X 120mm
  58mm X 50mm 140mm X 100mm 100mm X 60mm
  80mm X 38mm 140mm X 120mm

In addition to our wooden rubber stamps in Australia, we also offer a collection of traditional rubber stamps with a sleek handle and durable base to keep up with all your stamping needs.

Order Traditional Wooden Rubber Stamps Today

Get the traditional wooden rubber stamps you need today by simply uploading your design and outlining any special instructions for our team. For more information on our selection of wooden stamps in Australia, contact our team today by sending an email to As an experienced stamp maker in Sydney and beyond, we’ll be able to assist you in choosing the right personalised wooden stamp for your requirements.