Buy Loyalty Card Stamps Online

Shiny 510 -1 $25.00 12mm x 12mm Customize
Shiny 510 2 $25.00 12mm x 12mm Customize
Shiny 510 3 $25.00 12mm x 12mm Customize
Shiny 510 4 $25.00 12mm x 12mm Customize
Shiny 510 5 $25.00 12mm x 12mm Customize
Shiny 510 6 $25.00 12mm x 12mm Customize
Shiny R517 1 $35.00 17mm x 17mm Customize
Shiny R517 2 $35.00 17mm x 17mm Customize
Shiny R517 3 $35.00 17mm x 17mm Customize
Shiny R517 4 $35.00 17mm x 17mm Customize

Keep your customers coming back time after time with a fun little loyalty card they can keep to redeem a free item or a discount from your business. If you take up this opportunity to reward your adoring fans then you will need a personalised loyalty card stamp to go with your cards. Choose from our self-inking loyalty card stamps or more traditional loyalty card stamps made in Australia.


What are the benefits of using self-inking loyalty card stamps?

Whether you’re a coffee shop, retail space or a service provider, rewarding your customers will keep them coming back to spend money at your business, ultimately helping you to thrive. Using a self-inking loyalty card stamp is a great way to show your customer how much you appreciate them. There’s plenty of benefits to coffee loyalty card stamps, including:

  • Quick stamping
  • Fully customisable
  • Ink dries fast
  • No messy ink pad
  • Great designs
  • Uses ink sparingly
  • Easy to use

What shapes & sizes can you choose for your custom loyalty stamp?

Your personalised loyalty card stamp can come in whatever shape or size you want as we offer round, rectangular or square stamps. We do however, suggest for a coffee loyalty card stamp, you pick a small 12mm x 12mm square shape so it fits easily on a small business card size loyalty card. 

Can you personalise loyalty stamps with your business logo?

Yes, of course you can. Just make sure that you pick something appropriate for the self-inking loyalty card stamp. We suggest a small image or logo that can be clearly recognised by your customer. When you send that image through to our experts at Dial A Stamp, make sure it is in a high resolution jpg. or pdf. file. This will ensure your design is made perfectly and will stamp clearly every time.

What Australian cities does Dial-a-Stamp ship to?

We are proud to be able to service all of Australia with our nationwide shipping. From Perth, to Hobart, Robe to the Gold Coast and beyond, we will get your self-inking loyalty card stamp to you at a low shipping cost. If you order before 1pm we dispatch your stamps on the same day! No matter where you need your loyalty card stamps in Australia, we have you covered.