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Customised Self-Inking Stamps

Most Popular s842 s-842
Shiny S842 Self-Inking Stamp $31.00 38mm x 14mm Customize
Most Popular s843 S843
Shiny S843 Self-Inking Stamp $36.00 47mm x 18mm Customize
Most Popular s844 S844
Shiny S844 Self-Inking Stamp $41.00 58mm x 22mm Customize
Most Popular s830 S830
Shiny S830 Self-Inking Stamp $64.00 75mm x 38mm Customize
s841 S841-300×44
Shiny S841 $30.50 26mm x 10mm Customize
s826 S826
Shiny S826 $50.50 41mm x 24mm Customize
s836 S836
Shiny S836 $52.00 43mm x 30mm Customize
S310 S310
Shiny S310 $37.00 50mm x 10mm Customize
s827 S827
Shiny S827 $54.50 50mm x 30mm Customize
s837 Shiny S837
Shiny S837 $59.00 50mm x 40mm Customize
s828 S828
Shiny S828 $59.00 56mm x 33mm Customize
S831 S831
Shiny S831 $41.50 70mm x 10mm Customize
s845 S845
Shiny S845 $55.50 70mm x 25mm Customize
CGS4931pro-8lines-1 4913
CGS 4931 $54.00 70mm x 30mm Customize
s832 S832
Shiny S832 $50.50 75mm x 15mm Customize
Shiny S833 $59.00 82mm x 25mm Customize
e-908 E908
Shiny E908 $89.50 68mm x 47mm Customize
5211 5211
Trodat 5211 $141.00 85mm x 55mm Customize
5212 5212
Trodat 5212 $162.00 116mm x 70mm Customize
s510 s510-new
Shiny S510 – Square $26.50 12mm x 12mm Customize
s520 19mm x 16mm
Shiny S520 – Square $39.00 20mm x 20mm Customize
s530 80 X 80
Shiny S530 – Square $45.50 32mm x 32mm Customize
s542 S542
Shiny S542 – Square $54.50 42mm x 42mm Customize
shiny_printer_r_517 Cat
Shiny R517 – Round $37.00 17mm x 17mm Customize
shiny_printer_r_524 R524
Shiny R524 – Round $41.50 24mm x 24mm Customize
R532 R532
Shiny R532 – Round $43.50 32mm x 32mm Customize
shinyR-542 R542
Shiny R542 – Round $54.50 42mm x 42mm Customize
CGS46042-2 common-seals-img
CGS 46042 $51.00 42mm x 42mm Customize
shiny_printer_r_552 R552
Shiny R552 – Round $61.50 50mm x 50mm Customize

Self-Inking Stamps Ready To Buy Now

Custom self-inking rubber stamps, otherwise known as push down stamps, are a great idea if you want a convenient, efficient, mess free stamp. Our team specialises in creating custom self-ink stamps that are professional and efficient. Self-inking rubber stamps are an extremely user-friendly alternative to the classic standard rubber stamps.

These stamps are connected to a surface and once the stamp is pressed, the ink is flipped, and a flawless impression is made! Custom self-inking rubber stamps from Australia are known for their durability, as they can be stamped thousands of times before their ink runs out.

Buy easy to use custom self-inking stamps online in Australia

Self-inking stamps are easy to use and this is one of the greatest advantages for businesses, companies, and individuals who want to save time on their clerical work and take care of documents that may need repetitive stamping. Our clients typically utilise custom self-ink stamps in replacement of writing text such as signatures, addresses, names, or labels.

While custom self-inking rubber stamps may not be able to utilise multiple colours, our team can create them in the colour that you wish and personalise them to feature the design that you like. You can submit your proof and obtain a quote or shop online.

The self-inking stamp is our biggest selling product and is available in a range of sizes. We also carry a range of quick drying and water based ink bottles in an array of different colours so you can fill your self-inking stamp and keep it going as long as you need. 

About us and our custom self-inking stamps in Australia

You will love the convenience of our self-inking stamps that are available to customers all across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth. No corner of Australia will ever be without self inking stamps – we will ship as far as the Pilbara or even Cape York. Our custom designs are perfect for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their stamp and will help to make your business look professional across the board.

Look to Dial A Stamp for date stamps, company logos and all business stamps. We are Australian owned and family operated which means everything that we do is of the best quality. Order online for total convenience and enjoy quick service. Trust that we have your best interests in mind and can answer all of your questions via phone too. Choose Dial A Stamp for your self-inking stamps and you won’t be disappointed.


What shapes & sizes do self-inking stamps come in?

From as tiny as 12mm x 12mm square, to an 82mm wide rectangle, we stock a huge range of different shapes and sizes of self-inking stamps. No matter what your logo or stamp design needs to look like, we can point you in the right direction with a choice of round, square or rectangular self-inking stamp shapes. As our stamps are fully customisable, we are able to make yours as big or small as you like and in the shape that best suits the purpose of your self-inking stamp. 

How can you customised a self-inking stamp?

It’s simple really. First you have to figure out what you want to stamp and where, as this will help you to understand which self-inking stamp is best for you. You can work with your own logo or graphic, or we can help you to find something that will be the best design. If you do intend on using your own image or artwork, please ensure when you send it through to us that it is a high resolution .jpg or .pdf file so we can make your stamp as top quality as possible. Once you have settled on what the stamp will look like, we can do the rest. For a custom self-inking stamp, you’ll also need to have a think about what colour ink you would like to have loaded in before you can use it.

What Australian cities does Dial-a-Stamp ship to?

Everything that comes to you in the post is handmade, made by us and that makes us very proud. Servicing all Australians who require stamps is what we are here to do. You can get our custom self inking stamps in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and beyond. So no matter where you are, whether it’s Launceston or Broome you’ll be able to access our fantastic selection of stamps and apparel for sale online today.

Can you buy refill ink for self-inking stamps?

Yes, of course. We are a one stop shop for all your self-inking stamps, ink bottles and stamp ink pads. We sell lots of different types and colors of ink bottles that you can easily put into your stamp yourself. In our range of ink bottles, we have quick drying ink, water based ink and eminent pre-inked ink. Ranging from 28mls right up to a mammoth 1 litre bottle, you’re able to buy in small amounts or get your bulk order to ensure you’re never without refills for your self-inking stamps.