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Pre Inked Stamps

EA 700 EA-700
Shiny EA – 700 Premier $124.00 100mm x 75mm Customize
EA-750 100-X-70
Shiny EA – 750 Premier $108.00 130mm x 45mm Customize
EA-800 EA 275
Shiny EA – 800 Premier $150.00 130mm x 95mm Customize

Pre-Inked Stamps in Australia

Pre Inked stamps are available in some sizes that are not available in the self-inking range.

Please note:
The pre inked stamp contains a specialised ink and can only be refilled with the “IS ink”. The unit needs to be kept well-inked at all times. Please ensure you purchase a bottle of extra ink when ordering the pre-inked stamp. If it is allowed to run dry – it cannot be fixed by re-inking.

The text plate on a pre-inked stamp cannot be altered after it has been made (unlike the self-inking models).

Quality designs with a personal touch

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