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Why a Company Stamp Is a Great Marketing Tool When You Are On the Go

Are you an entrepreneur on the go? Lots of business owners founded their businesses so they could get out more, travel and explore the world. It is great to be out and about, to meet new people and to establish new business connections in different cities and even in different countries.

One thing that is challenging when you are constantly traveling is to keep your documents and your marketing tools organised. There usually just isn’t enough space for you to haul around a big stack of business cards, pamphlets and flyers and you don’t always have access to printing facilities so you can create branded documents.

A company stamp is one of the best accessories to have with you as you travel. A simple stamp that contains business information such as your company name, contact number, website, email address and more can help you get around and spread the word about your terrific services with great ease.

Here are the top reasons a company stamp is a great marketing tool for traveling entrepreneurs and marketers.

Brand All Your Documents Instantly

A business stamp makes it very easy for you to brand all documents you sign, give out or create on the go. You can simply stamp your company info down on any quote you create, invoice you create or on any letters you write and anyone can instantly identify your company name.

Brand All Packaging on the Go

Are you sending packages back to the office, to clients or your associates? Your stamp can be a handy tool to help brand or mark these packages so they won’t get lost in the transition. Anyone can instantly see who the package is for and can give you a call whenever there is a problem with the delivery.

An Infinite Amount of Business Cards

Need to hand out some business cards at a meeting or in a shop? Don’t worry about that stack the printers haven’t sent through just yet. Simply grab your stamp and press a whole bunch of cards on post-its or any piece of paper and you can hand out as many business cards as you wish.

Easy Document Authentication

With fraud and copycats all around you want to make sure that your documents are authenticated. A business stamp is a great way to secure business documents so no one can steal your quotations, invoices or your ideas and so your business will stay transparent and legal.

Instant Letterheads

Some businesses still prefer hand-written letters to this very day. If you are out of letterheads then simply grab your stamp and press down on the top corner of the paper. You will instantly have a letterhead complete with all of your company info. Now you can simply grab a pen and you are ready to write a professional letter.

Leave a Professional Paper Trail

Stamps are excellent for keeping track of your paperwork and for leaving a professional mark as you work. Anyone that handles your paperwork will instantly know exactly what company they are dealing with and the overall look of a stamp is much more professional.

Keep Track Of Business Expenses

Want to easily distinguish between personal and business expenses? Then simply grab that stamp of yours and give all of the receipts you receive from hotels, gas stations and more a quick stamp. You will make it much easier for admin assistants to allocate these receipts when it is time to file everything from the trip.

Don’t have a business stamp just yet? At Dial a Stamp you can order as many stamps as you need online and we can get these stamps delivered to your company well before your next trip. Our stamps are excellent for easing various marketing challenges when you are on the go.