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Why You Should Choose Self-Inking Stamps


Stamps make everything in the office a lot easier and quicker. This form of ink application and branding was first used around 5000 AD and is still just as popular in offices to this very day for one big reason; it enables you to easily authenticate documents. You can also choose to invest in numerous stamps to ease different processes such as the branding of documents, sorting your documents and processing actions or instructions such as “completed” “paid” “unpaid” “fragile” and so much more.

If that old ink stamp of your is all worn out from years use or if you don’t have a proper stamp in your office just yet then it is high time to order a brand new rubber stamp from Dial A Stamp. While you are shopping through our range you will probably come across this one big question that just about every one of our customers struggles with; is a self-inking stamp the right choice for me or should I go with an alternative?

To make it easier for you to choose the best and most functional stamp type for your specific need we are going to tell you a bit more about these stamps and include a small best stamp guide.

What Is A Self-Inking Stamp?

These ink stamps are made of the traditional rubber stamp but are automated. A tiny built-in ink pad is included in the stamp’s design. The stamp will re-ink itself after every impression. These stamps can be fashioned with a personalised dye that consists of your own brand and detail.

Unlike some of the alternative stamps that don’t use traditional rubber dye, self-inking stamps can be refilled by using liquid inks and delivers a quality impression each and every time you use it. With self-inking stamps, you can even switch between ink colours as often as you like!

A Low-Maintenance Stamp

For small to medium businesses and any kind of large-scale project or even creative projects, self-inking stamps are a great low maintenance customisation tool. Depending on how much stamping you need to complete, you will only need to have a few of these efficient stamps handy as they do not need to be re-inked until after thousands of impressions are made!

The Most Affordable Stamp

The self-inking stamp is the more affordable stamp type and you can choose from numerous sizes and colours. The price point of the stamp is not the only aspect that is more affordable. These stamps can be refilled whereas alternative stamps are often more limited and can only be used with a very specific colour range and type of ink.

The Best Stamp for Large-Scale or Mass Stamping

Many businesses use stamps for rapid, repeat goals in warehouses, clerical offices and in service centres. In these cases, self-inking stamps are the best choice due to their affordability and usability – they don’t require precision pressing to function. You can quickly stamp repeatedly and complete your tasks faster and more efficiently with self-inking stamps.

So, decided on the perfect stamp for your office? Or, ready to try out self-inking stamps and test their efficiency and crisp printing results for yourself? Well, then you can give Dial A Stamp a call right now, or fill out our online application form to order your new stamps today.