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How to Use Self-Inking Stamps in Your Small Business


Self-inking stamps mean business whether you have a small company or a big industrial firm. These types of stamps are especially handy in small business because they ease and streamline numerous processes in your small company.

What Is A Self-Inking Stamp?

If you’ve never used a self-inking stamp before then you are in for quite a treat. These types of stamps are the more convenient version of the traditional rubber stamp that uses an ink pad.

The stamp itself is made from heavy duty materials and consists of an ink cartridge. Every time the stamp is lifted off the paper, it is re-inked automatically because the rubber stamp pad is flipped into the ink which seals and protects the ink from drying and inks your stamp.

When you use it, the rubber stamp flips out and stamps your documents without creating any messes. These stamps are incredibly durable and can be used thousands of times before the ink will run out.

Top Benefits of Self-Inking Stamps

These stamps give your small company lots of terrific benefits including all of the following.

  • You get a perfect impression each and every time you use your stamp
  • The stamps are available in various shapes and sizes
  • The rubber stamp can be custom designed to suit your business name, icon and logo.
  • The stamps offer mess-free stamping
  • These stamps are perfect for high-volume stamping
  • They are incredibly durable and will provide you with lots of functionality.
  • You can invest in as many rubber stamps as you need in order to get your admin done quicker.
  • These stamps streamline various processes
  • You are able to stamp a much greater number of documents in less time.
  • Self-inking stamps are affordable in price, especially compared to the price of some ink pads you will need.

How to Use Your Self-Inking Stamps in Your Business

Self-inking stamps made by Dial a Stamp has multiple applications and will certainly help you in your company in quite a few ways including the following;

Authenticate documents – Sign off or authenticate any documents you handle by using the stamps as a signature mark on documents. This is especially important in case your systems might be down or when you are invoicing and quoting on the go and there is no way for you to print a document that contains business information.

Branding documents – These stamps are perfect for branding documents when your company isn’t capable of running to print a business logo every time you need a document.

Perfect for liaising documents – These stamps can be custom designed which means you can use them to liaise all of your documents and processes. Simply get different self-ink stamps for different processes. A good example is stamped that read “completed” “paid” “pending” or “approved”. You can now use your stamps to keep track of documentation processes and to mark everything so different employees will know exactly what to do.

Easy information sharing – Business stamps that include all of your information such as business name, contact numbers, email address and more make it easy to share your business information on various types of documents or when you are in a hurry. Simply stamp your info and your customer can take it with him or her.

Decoration – Self-inking stamps can also be used for decorative purposes. These stamps can be created with any type of design you need and can easily be used to decorate documentation, cards, notes, and letters.

Self-inking stamps can definitely benefit your business in lots of different ways and these stamps can be used for various purposes. If you are in need of a few self-inking stamps for your company then give Dial A Stamp a call right now so we can start making your beautiful and functional business stamps.