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Available Options We Offer for a JP Stamp

Anyone registered to work as a Justice of the Peace (JP) can benefit from using a purpose-made stamp to save time and effort when certifying documents. However, acquiring the right type of stamp isn’t as simple as going to a stationery store, as only specialist stamp making companies manufacture JP stamps. As one of the biggest stamp manufacturers in the business, Dial A Stamp offers a wide range of JP stamp options that are perfect for fulfilling the duties of a Justice of the Peace. Learn more about our available options below.

Our Available JP Stamp Styles, Sizes & Shapes

We offer various shapes and sizes of Justice of the Peace stamps in Australia that can be used to fulfil the authorisation requirements of a Justice of the Peace. This involves customising the stamp to include your JP registration number and your state or territory. Most JP stamp products come in rectangular and round shapes and can be as small as 24mm x 24mm or as big as 50mm x 50mm, or anywhere in between. If you’re after a specific kind of stamp, Dial A Stamp can make products for you in any shape or size you wish.

Rectangular JP Stamp Options

Round JP Stamp Options

Can a JP Stamp be Personalised?

Yes, every JP stamp product we make can be customised to include personal details. This is highly recommended so you can include your name, JP registration number, company logo, and the state or territory you’re authorised to certify documents in. These stamps make certification work look much more professional, as well as ensuring your details are correct and legible to ensure documents are legally binding.

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