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7 Holiday Applications for Your Custom Stamps!

The holidays are nearly here, and the pressures and joys of the season are in the air.

There is stress to make the season meet personal or family expectations, but joy in the comradery and generosity that it brings. Wherever you exist on this spectrum, taking advantage of the Christmas creativity that ink stamps can bring will surely supplement your season.

If you have yet to get gifts for friends or family, have a limited budget to work with, or simply love the look of homemade handicrafts, then rubber stamps can provide benefit for you. They have a wide range of applications, from gift customisation to boxing design to even being the gift themselves!

Here are a few of our favourite ways to integrate stamps into our holiday preparations. Let’s see which ones you can employ this year!

– Gift Tags: It can be hard to keep track of which gift is for who– especially when you have a large family or friend group to cater for. But store-bought gift tags and stickers can get pricey. A great alternative is to make your own, either using blank stickers or gift tags, or a cut piece of paper. If doing the latter, you can either glue or tape your tag to the package, or punch a hole in it and tie it to your gift with a string.

– Dinner Name Plates: Under the tree isn’t the only place that identifying tags are needed. Place them around the dinner table to add a personal touch to your holiday meal (and separate quarrelling family members if need be!)

– Holiday Cards: Once again, store-bought cards can get quite expensive, and just aren’t as special as a homemade card can be. Add your own flair to your holiday cards or Christmas party invitations by stamping the front with a customized rubber stamp (such as a “Merry Christmas” scripted stamp or one featuring a festive image like a sleigh). If you’re up for it, you can even get a couple different stamps to create a whole scene on your cards!

– Stamped Wrapping Paper: Don’t settle for boring, predictable wrapping paper. Make your own by stamping a repeating image or saying across plain wrapping paper or brown paper. If you want to be super green, you can even use recycled paper of any kind and stamp it enough to camouflage its former use.

– Customised Boxes: Despite our previous tip, if you customize your packaging, you won’t even need to wrap it! Depending on the quality of the box you use, it may even be nice enough for your gift recipient to repurpose. You can either use one stamp to print all over, or use a larger, personalized name or message stamp for the top of the box.

– DIY Stockings:
If you have the right ink (i.e. one that is fabric-friendly), you can create your own stockings for the young people in your life with the added excitement of a custom stamp print.

– A Personalised Present: A custom stamp can make a great gift for anyone in your life, from teachers to craft enthusiasts to bakers (yes– our stamps can be used on food). Some nice ideas for gift stamps include the recipients’ home address (for letters and documents), their children’s’ art or their monogram. You can go through some of the custom self inking stamps available in here.

Do you have any other holiday stamp ideas that we haven’t listed?
If so, let us know and we’ll give you a Facebook shout out!