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Trodat Stamps

Trodat Stamps

A market-leading brand, Trodat is a renowned and reliable choice for all things stamps. Here at Dial A Stamp, we provide nothing less than the best of what Trodat has to offer for businesses across Australia. Our Trodat self-inking stamps are designed to be durable, long-lasting and reliable.

Why Trodat?

With Trodat self-inking stamps, you no longer need to worry about separate ink pads. The in-built ink pad only requires you to position the stamp at the right place and press down on it. 

Trodat stamps are made to be compact and portable. So, you won’t need to carry around bulky ink pads in addition to the stamp. This also means you won’t have to deal with any messy situations either.

Need a personalised stamp done for your business? At Dial A Stamp, you can get your very own Trodat custom rubber stamp. Choose from font style and colour to stamp borders and logo designs.   

Available products

Our catalogue of Trodat stamps includes self-inking stamps in a host of size variations. Need to replace your self-inking pad? Choose from our range of stamp pads, available in standard colour offerings. From the 30mm X 30mm replacement self-inking pads to the Trodat 5412D and 5212 stamp models, Dial A Stamp caters to all your stamp needs in your business.

Place an order today and have your Trodat stamp delivered right to your doorstep in a matter of days.