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Shiny Stamps

Whether you’re a business looking to get your packaging stamped or a personalised stamp for approving invoices, Shiny offers a wide range of possibilities thanks to their lineup of date, rectangle, square, and round stamps in varying sizes. 

Due to the variety of stamps on offer, your personalisation options are aplenty. You can easily go from a funky stamp for your informal event to a business branded office stamp. With Shiny stamps, you’re only limited by your imagination.   

Why Shiny stamps?

One of the main benefits of Shiny stamps is the number of options available. From self-inking stamps and pre-inked pads to replacement ink pads, Shiny lets you opt for a stamp that fits the bill for you.

Utilising self-inking Shiny stamps means you won’t need a separate ink pad. Thanks to its in-built ink pad, you only need to position the stamp on the surface and press down. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of space to carry your stamp around as opposed to one that requires you to have a separate ink pad. This also means that the chances of your hands getting messy is highly unlikely.

Available products

Starting from stamp pads and replacement ink pads, all the way to Shiny S510 4 (12mm X 12mm) and Shiny EA – 700 Premier (100mm X 75mm) models, Shiny stamps lets you experience what true quality and reliability feel like.

Looking to personalise your stamps further? Peruse through our catalogue and find the type of stamp you need. Select the “customise” option and add in your exact specifications for your very own custom rubber stamp.

So what are you waiting for? Place your order with Dial A Stamp today.